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Woman charged in Las Vegas with theft of $1M from poker magazine

Hostage escapes clutches of robber before shooting Metropolitan Police Department footage shows a man wearing a motorcycle helmet, identified by police as 27-year-old Mario B. Trejo, with one arm wrapped around a woman’s neck and held a handgun to her head. A small group of people gathered in Sunset Park to remember the three children recently killed in the area. Henderson police bodycam footage of officer-involved shooting Henderson police released body-worn camera footage of an officer-involved shooting in a grocery store parking lot at 2667 Windmill Parkway on Aug. 12, 2018. (Henderson Police Department) Metro Asst. Sheriff Brett Zimmerman on Aug. 8 officer-involved shooting Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman met with media Monday to discuss the details of the 14th officer-involved shooting of the year. (Madelyn Reese/ Las Vegas Review-Journal) A swarm of Nye County deputies, at the request of Las Vegas police, surrounded a hotel room in Pahrump last week to take two fugitives into custody. (Nye County Sheriff’s Office) Las Vegas judge’s ruling will halt tonight’s execution On Wednesday Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez issued a ruling that will halt the execution of convicted murderer Scott Dozier. Alvogen Inc., which makes the sedative midazolam, filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing the Nevada Department of Corrections of surreptitiously obtaining the drug for use in an execution.

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The Problem With Flat-Calling Raises from the Small Blind

Meanwhile in certain situations it might seem enticing to call raises from the small blind as well — say, when you have a speculative hand with which you’d like to see a flop. The fact that you’ve already put in the small blind could also make it seem like you have a “discount” to make such a call, too. But habitually flat-calling raises from the small blind can be a major leak in your game, causing you to lose even more from the SB than you would otherwise. Such is the topic addressed by poker pro and coach Pete “Carroters” Clarke in his latest “Poker Pitfalls” video for PokerStars School, “Flatting in the Small Blind.” “It’s actually very rarely correct to flat-call an open out of the small blind,” explains Clarke. That is to say, simply calling a preflop raise (or reraise) from the SB is almost always not recommended. In the video below, Clarke talks through a hand example showing the problem with flat-calling from the small blind, here choosing a good speculative hand — If you’re going to call a button raise with a hand like ten-nine suited, Clarke shows, three-betting is often better as it prevents the BB from trying a squeeze play and reraising, which then leads either to folding and losing more, or being lured into making another bad call and potentially dropping even more in the hand.

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